SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (TAO)




  • What is SAP TAO
  • Introduction on SAP TAO
  • SAP TAO License
  • Overview of SAP TAO Architecture
  • Installation
  • SAP TAO Connection settings
  • Configuring SAP TAO
  • SAP TAO Folder Structure
  • Generating components in TAO
  • Building Test Scripts
  • Consolidating Test Scripts
  • Importing and Exporting Business Components
  • Executing Business Scenarios
  • CBASE Functions
  • Self Check
  • Inspect
  • UI Scanner
  • Diff between Inspect and UI Scanner
  • Consolidating test script
  • Introduction on SAP TAO
  • Creating test scripts using PFA in TAO
  • Process Flow Analyzer (PFA)
  • Change Analyzer in TAO
  • Repository in TAO
  • Results Analysis



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