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Introduction SAP HANA Technical Concepts, ADT, HANA Studio
Architectural Scenarios
SAP HANA as Database for other Applications
SAP HANA HW and SW Technology
Row Store Vs Column Store
Data Compression
Parallel processing
When to Use Row and Column Store
Classical Vs New Approach
Introduction to HANA Studio

Introduction to Core Data Services
Paradigm Changes
CDS Enablement
What are Core Data Services ?
Core Data Services – ABAP
Bottom Down
Top Down approach
ABAP CDS Architecture

CDS SQL Features
General and Enhanced features
Simple CDS View � ABAP CDS Entity
Case Expressions in CDS Views
ABAP CDS Literals
Joins in CDS Views
Aggregation, Grouping, Filtering Groups

Advanced Concepts in CDS
Annotations in CDS Views
Unions in CDS Views
Consuming CDS Views
View on View
View Extensions
ABAP CDS  Associations
Path Expressions
Filter Expressions
View with Input parameters

Different ways of exposing CDS Views as OData Service
Expose CDS Views as OData Service  Type 1
Expose CDS as OData Service  Type 2
Expose CDS as OData Service  Type 3
Where CDS Views are used?

New Open SQL Features
New Features in Open SQL
Few Limitations Removed

SAP HANA as Secondary DB Connection
Tools to Analyze potential functional and performance issues in ABAP Programs
Guided Performance Analysis
Performance Rules and Guidelines for SAP HANA

Code to Data with SAP HANA as Secondary Database
Paradigm Changes
Open SQL
ABAP Database Integration
Limitations of Open SQL in ABAP < 7.4
ABAP Database Connectivity ADBC
Use of ADBC
Native SQL in ABAP
Testing native SQL in HANA studio

HANA Artifacts, HANA Studio
Bottom up approach AS ABAP < 7.40
Search functions in HANA Studio
HANA Views
Consuming HANA Views via Native SQL
Database Procedures in HANA Studio
Calling HANA Procedures in ABAP

Using ABAP Managed Database Procedures
Top Down approach ABAP 7.4
CDS Table Functions ABAP NW 7.5
AMDP Sample method

SAP HANA Proxy Objects
Bottom up approach AS ABAP < 7.40
External Views
Creating External View in ADT
Data type mapping between HANA and ABAP Dictionary
Access HANA Views via ABAP External Views
HANA Transport Container
Calling SAP HANA Procedures in ABAP Procedure Proxies in ABAP 7.4
Database Procedure Proxies
Creating Database Procedure Proxy in ADT
Data type mapping between HANA and ABAP Dictionary
Access DB Procedure Proxy in ABAP
Code to Data Techniques Preferences
Debugging in ABAP Development tools(ADT


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You can Download videos and can play in your system , no need internet every time to watch videos , we will provide access to download videos via google drive


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Once you confirm which module you want to buy , please send message to use using this website with module Name and Your Contact no , we will provide you details for payment .


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You can make payment Using Credit Card , Debit Card , Net Banking , Online Transfer , Cash Deposit in Bank . If you are not from India , then you can make payment via Paypal, EMI also available.


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After receiving your payment , you will get download access same day only, we try to provide assess asap , Max time will be 24 Hrs. to provide download access.


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You will have download access for 6 months , after that also if you need download access again , you can send request again for download access


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No. Those videos are only for self learning purpose , you have to do self study, you can post your question on different blogs or groups , you will get answers from there

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